Leading design from concept to launch of a new stock investing product.
My role
I collaborated with cross-functional partners to shape the strategy and prioritize execution of this product from concept to launch. It was not a linear journey. Due to the nature of this project I'm unable to share success metrics.
The team
Collaborative partners included two product managers, product designer, design director, two content designers, two engineering squads, investing research, data science, marketing, creative, design system team, and executive leadership.
Our ultimate goal was to create a stock investing product that appealed to our existing clients, and aligned with our mission and values. We wanted to do this in a way that addressed core user needs, and had clear differentiators to competitors in this space.
This project took a long time to come to fruition, as it was not easy to find a unique angle for stock investing that discouraged stock picking, and instead encouraged investing in more things, resulting in a more diverse portfolio of assets.
This project spanned over 14+ months from inception to go-to-market launch. That time included the latter stages of the product development process that Wealthfront follows. In August 2021 is when engineering teams started actually building the foundations for this product.
Core insight
Many people's investments today are actually implicit bets that something bigger than the company is likely to outperform.
Bigger things like a strategy, sector, technology, business model, cultural change etc. If we could help people discover and invest in more companies that also stand to benefit from that bigger thing, they'd be better positioned to capture its upside and more excited to make those investments.
Design a discovery experience that utilizes "emblematic" companies to reveal interesting, underlying themes.
We learned that this idea of investing in "bigger" themes resonated. It was evident that there was a desire to have access to these interesting, relevant and timely themes, but requires a lot of time and effort to research and find these. We wanted to "shortcut" that research by creating these themes for them.
The "stock picker" interaction on the Android "explore" page.
The search experience on iOS, which reveals related collections in-line.
Design a collection experience that provides enough information for clients to feel confident investing in them.
We realized that people were hesitating to invest in collections. After getting feedback from research and through in-product mechanisms, we worked on a way to boost confidence when clients were deciding whether to invest or not.
We created "perspectives" content for all collections, which spoke to the opportunity and tradeoffs.
We added content for each stock in a collection that provided the reason why it was included.
Make it easier to invest in more things.
To enable people to invest in an entire collection, but still maintain control if they wanted to exclude some stocks, we built a multi-add function. This also removes the cumbersome task of investing in stocks one-by-one. We then followed through with providing the ability to split your deposit into multiple stocks however you like.
The "multi-add" function.
The deposit split.
This product was launched to the public in March 2023.
The entire business contributed to this launch in some way. Even though market conditions are not great for stocks right now, we're now able to offer this service to clients, as another product in our suite of options. I can't share success metrics publicly for this launch.
In-app merchandising.
Launch email.
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