Leading the design for a new feature, and onboarding first time investors.
My role
Leading the design and research to create an interactive onboarding experience. We launched this to a small beta group for testing.
The team
I collaborated with another designer, business analyst, engineers from web and mobile, the CEO, and the COO directly. Very small company.
FutureYou users were using our platform to organize and understand their finances. We started with spending categorization, and budgeting, before moving into the investing space.
I concepted, wireframed, and prototyped multiple different directions for this concept. We went through a rebrand in the middle of it, which you'll likely notice.
Young people, initially aged 17-39, were who we targeted. We later adapted this to 18-30 when we pivoted.
Noted in the research were trust issues with big banks, frustration about lack of financial education, and aiming to support a decent lifestyle.
We wanted to test a concept that put investing on autopilot.
The ideas was that a user would be able to make a single deposit, which would trickle down into three buckets. These buckets were for short, medium and long term investing.
The first round of research focussed on comprehension of the bucket concept, but we got a lot of usability feedback too.
I mapped out the flows and created a prototype, before hosting the sessions with 10 particpants from our target demo. We were looking for validation around the bucket concept, feedback on how long the process took, with less focus on usability at this stage.
More research
We started testing on web, where we decided to launch this new feature due to resourcing constraints.
The interactions adapted to web well, and the mobile release got postponed. This is also when we went through the rebrand, hence the entirely different look and feel.
The two column layout, showing the main content on the left and the editable timeline on the right.
I came back later and redesigned this experience for funsies.
I really liked this concept, and I wanted to revisit the design to see how I would have approached it differently, knowing what I know now... y'know.
Home tab, account selection.
Spend tab, category breakdown.
Start of investing onboarding.
More of investing onboarding.