I'm a product designer and mentor with a decade of industry experience. My background is in graphic and visual design. I care a lot about craft and design quality. I also make art in my spare time, and have yet to meet a cat that I can't win over.
I've spent a lot of my career working in fintech because I care about financial education, and democratizing access to financial services. But I enjoy collaboratively solving complex, ambiguous problems in any domain. I'm very empathetic, and have a strategic growth mindset.
Before I left Australia, I was a product designer at FutureYou, a company that helps young people understand their finances with spending, budgeting, and investing tools.
I mentor design students at Springboard, where I teach foundational research and product design techniques.
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Here's some lovely anonymous quotes from the cross-functional partners I've worked with in the past.
Jared is an absolutely wonderful design partner and an enormously important presence on the team. I attribute a lot of the successes this half to his vision and work ethic.
Jared does a lot to drive clarity on the team and shape our vision and priorities. I always learn a lot from him, and he sets a high quality bar for people around him to follow.
I'm consistently impressed at the speed Jared produces ideas, often working in parallel to research when ideas come to him, such that he often has ideas ready to go when the team is just starting to think about them.
Jared's superpower is in translating sometimes ambiguous or complex problems into not just one, but many potential solutions, that are clear and easy to discuss as a team.
The interfaces that Jared creates are always top notch. Same goes for his slide presentations. Honestly, he makes everybody look better just by being on their team.
Jared brings a strong domain expertise and knowledge of the broader industry to the team. He is consistently tuned in to research, and knows our clients' attitudes and behaviors very, very well.
Here's some of the art I enjoy making in my spare time. It's mostly physical and digital collages, with some typography stuff mixed in. I really like pattern, texture and composition. There's more on my instagram if you're interested.
This website was created using Webflow in 2023 by Jared. Success metrics for many case studies are intentionally removed or fuzzy to comply with NDA's. If you want to reach me, your best bet is to message me on LinkedIn, or email me at hello@jaredsager.com. Thanks for being here.